Kano Ju No Ri Judo Club, first opened its doors in April 1999 the Club has grown ever since, the youngest member of only four, and the oldest being in the mid sixties the club is affiliated to National Association of Karate and Martial Art Schools (NAKMAS). All Instructors are fully insured, first aid trained and CRB cleared for your peace of mind.

The classes are taken by Sensei Phil Kempe (5th Dan Black Belt) who has many years of experience teaching Judo and believes that learning must be fun but most of all safe.




Philip Kempe (5th Dan EFR/First Aid Instructor) Senior Instructor, Phil started Judo in his mid teens and trained for several years, but other committments took over.

With the arrival of two young children Phil soon heard the cry, Dad can we go to Judo and was soon back in training.

After gaining his Black Belt, he decided to open a club, Kano-Ju-No-Ri Judo Club was born.  



Dave Bardwell (7th Dan Technical Advisor, First Aider) I have known Dave for many years now both with judo and as a personal friend. Dave has helped me gain my Dan grades and is often seen as a guest instructor he is always so keen to pass on his knowledge to others at club nights and events. It’s always a pleasure to see him at our club.



Stan Eley (3rd Dan EFR/first aid Instructor) first became involved in judo, when collecting Phil's daughters from Judo and taking them home, Phil could then continue teaching . After some weeks of watching the classes, Stan realised that Judo was a sport he could enjoy and decided to start training. He has now gained his 3rd Dan..



Andrew Tomlinson (2nd Dan, Child Welfare Officer, First Aider) better known as Mr ’T' started training about ten years ago, it all started just bringing his family and after watching for some weeks he decided to give it a go, he is now a 2nd Dan, He is also the clubs child welfare officer,



Michael Osborn (2nd Dan, First Aider)Started training at the club in 2003, he has now gained his 2nd Dan black belt and is now training as an instructor. Michael also holds the record for the best attendance within the club.



5th Dan

First Aid Instructor



7th Dan

Technical  Advisor

, First Aider



       3 rd Dan

First Aid Instructor



     2nd Dan

Welfare Officer

,    First Aider



2nd Dan

,    First Aider


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Arch 16, Byron Close, Thamesmead, London SE28 8AA

Phil 07581 007899   Stan 07813 655009

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