The club fees have always been set at a sensible level, as we realise that, if you have more than one child, club fees, can become a big expense.


the first night is free


Weekly mat fees are £4.50  (under 16 years) and £5.00 (16 years and over)



If you decide that Judo is right for you, you will need to pay your membership on the 4th week the cost of this is £25.00 under 16 years and £30.00 for 16 years and over.


The free will cover Club membership, Licence & Insurance and two Grading’s up to 1st Kyu



Extra Gradings ;


Grading fees £5.00 ( under 16 years) £7.50 (16 and over) up to 1st Kyu, Dan Grades POA


(These prices are correct at the time of publishing and no refunds can be made)


Judo Kits ;


Judo kits can be purchased from the club for less than you can buy them in the high street. Prices very according to size.


Tots Class 4 and 5 Year Olds

weekly mat fee £3.00


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