Explanation of the Forms of Throwing.


What is Kata in the art of Judo? Kata is the study and practice of a sequence of techniques, performed in a formal and choreographed style! It shows an empathy on the grace of movement and balance, and a bonding of the mental and physical spirit of Judo. There are many different Kata's in judo, each placing it's own emphasis on different sets of techniques.



It is thought that, Jigoro Kano, (the father of Judo), believed it was the essence and sole of  the art of Judo, and that without sole, Judo would be incomplete. It is therefor a shame, that in the sport form of Judo, practiced today, Kata does not play a bigger role to encompass the true spirit of Judo as seen in Kano's eyes.



When performed well, Kata emulates Kano's Philosophy "Minimum effort, Maximum efficiency" and therefor also demonstrates that technique, timing, and balance, overcomes brute force. It can be a grate pleasure to watch Kata being gracefully performed.



Clik on the Kata Namae for infomation on the kata

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