Grading System,


Club grading will take place at approximately every six months or at the discretion of the senior instructor.


All students may be promoted by more than one grade, but this will depend upon the knowledge, quality and experience, as well as good attendance.


Grades that require Kata, it must be understood that the grading will not take place if the Kata has not been demonstrated. Kata can be demonstrated and signed off prior to the date of the grading


Results of Shiai do not count below 3rd Kyu


Seniors Will wear a coloured Obi (Belt) to complement there grade

White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown and Black.


6th Kyu White Belt


Demonstrate Ukemi

Demonstrate Kuzushi

Demonstrate Kneeling Bow

Demonstrate Standing Bow

O Uchi Gari

O GoshiKesa


GatameJuji Gatame


5th Kyu Yellow Belt


O Soto Gari

Ko Soto Gari

Muni Gatame

Kami Shiho Gatame

Yoko Shiho Gatame

Ude Garame

Gyaku Juji Jime

Nami Juji Jime

Nage Waza Randori


4th Kyu Orange Belt


Ko Soto Gaki

Morote Seoinage

Harai Goshi

Ushiro Kesa Gatame

Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame

Kuzure Muni Gatame

Kata Juji Jime

Hadaka Jime

Ude Gatame

Show Kata ability

Shiai Against Three


3rd Kyu Green Belt


Tsuri Komi Goshi

Ko Uchi Gari

De Ashi Barai

Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi

Tate Shiho Gatame

Kuzure Kesa Gatame

Kuzure Yoko Shiho Gatame

Okuri Eri Jime

Sode Guruma

Kata Ha Jime

Show Kata ability

Shiai Against Three


2nd Kyu Blue Belt


Two sets of Nage No Kata

One set of Katame No Kata

Eri Seoinage

Tani Otoshi

Ushiro Goshi

Escape from four ground holds

Ude Hishigi Ashi Gatame

Two Renraku Waza

Two Kaeshi Waza

Shiai Against four


1st Kyu Brown Belt


Three sets of Nage No Kata

Two sets of Katame No Kata

Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi

Yoko Wakare

Four Renraku Waza

Four Kaeshi Waza

Explain Referee’s Hand Signals

Escape from four ground holds specified by the Examiner

Shiai Against four



Contest Syllabus For Shodan


1st Dan Black Belt


Students wishing to enter this examination must show proof of holding the grade of 1st kyu for a minimum of 12 months


Part 1

Demonstrate full Nage No Kata

Demonstrate full Katame No Kata

O Guruma

Uchi Mata

Hani Goshi

O Soto Gari

Renrku Waza to all of the above

Kaeshi Waza to all of the above

Four Osaekomi Waza and one counter or combination to each

Three Shime Waza and one counter or combination to each

Three Kansetsu Waza and one counter or combination to each

Demonstrate Basic Refereeing

Answer any question asked by the examiner


Part 2

The senior examiner on the day will decide in which form this part of the examination will take,

either a pool system or a line-up of Kyu grades will be used,

depending on the attendance on the day.

Senior Sylabus

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